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Top Technologies that Boosts the Digital Marketing

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April 08, 2022

Top Technologies that Boosts the Digital Marketing

In recent times, any business or any products and services you offer, the most important thing that you can’t ignore for all businesses is digital marketing.

Yes, online marketing has become an essential one for every business these days. Once having a website and a Facebook page was well enough for business when it comes to online marketing. But in this digital world, surviving just with these two factors would not work out.

Lots of new technologies and trends have entered into the field of marketing and it entirely changed the way of marketing into a new dimension. So marketers and businesses that get adopted with these new emerging technologies can personalise, engage and reach their targeted audience via several meaningful methods.

These technologies are expected to create more connectivity with the consumers via multiple touch points and markers can make use of them to run more holistic campaign in the upcoming years

So here we have listed out the top technologies that are transforming the landscape of digital marketing greatly. Find them below

Beacon Technology

Well, beacons provide businesses advanced and unique methods to engage with their targeted audience. More than 14 million beacons were used for marketing in the year 2017 and it is expected to hit 500 million by 2025.

Moreover, beacons also provide better solutions to consumers as it provides customised user experience with offering suggestions, discounts, etc. To entice and navigate their customers towards them, most of the popular brands are utilising technological advancement.

Voice Search

Voice search is getting more popular these days and it is widely used. A report says 1/3 of the 3 billion Google searches done on a daily basis are voice searches. Well, this search too may get into the organic race and paid campaigns in the future.


Raise in the usage of smart devices connected via the internet helps the marketers to learn about the consumer’s behaviour and also assist by providing valuable insights and information about the customer’s right from their likes to needed things.


Chatbots are one of the best economical ways for popular brands and businesses to enhance their customer service. These Chatbots function 24/7 and provide customer support at any time for any queries based on data-related answers. These Chatbots have been integrated into almost every marketing area like website, social media platform, and application.

Machine Learning

Well, machine learning is also playing a quite impressive role in marketing sectors as it learns the audience behaviour and analytics by analysing the tons of data generated and helps the marketers to optimise their promotion campaign according to the user requirements.

Big Data

Both small and large scale businesses are being benefited from cloud technology as it allows storing a colossal amount of consumer data which in turn becomes big data. With having these data in hand, businesses sort out their targeted customers and approach them with personalised advertisements.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is also contributing its part in enhancing the marketing techniques by providing real-time experience with the products. The Retail sector is greatly utilising this AR technology as it enables the users to explore the product, engage with it before buying. In the future virtual trial, rooms are all set to launch through which users can try the product before buying it online.


Hope you got some valuable insights about the technology involved in the field of digital marketing in detail.

Likewise, digital marketing services involve many techniques and tactics to bring leads and results.

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