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April 22, 2022

What is Beacon Technology and its Various Contributions in Different Spectrums?

Beacon technology is the one common thing that every marketer and business person will be aware of. This is because this inevitable technology has provided a greater contribution to the marketing landscape for the past few years. Not only in marketing aspects, but also playing a lead role in most of the devices that we are utilising in our day-to-day life. Right from light that turns on by switching to Wi-Fi modem to our car digital keys, Bluetooth beacons contribution is there.

Initially, beacon made its debut with Apple in the year 2013. Since the advent, its growth was astonishing and several industries adopted this tech to enhance their business. According to the Global Market Insights report, the Beacon tech market will outstrip 25 billion dollars by the end of 2024. If you are very new to this topic, then it seems difficult for you to follow. To avoid it let me start from the basics

Never Heard about Beacon Technology? Let’s Know it Now

Beacons are wireless transmitters that are small in size that are used to send signals to other smart devices. This technology greatly assists in connecting and transmitting information between the smart devices. Moreover, the beacon is the latest updated location-based technology and most widely used for location-based searching.

How does it Work?

Being a tiny device, beacons frequently emit radio signals to confess their presence within a limited region. Well, the signal that comes from these beacons can be captured by the internet-enabled smart devices and the location of the beacon can be tracked through the device.

In What Ways Beacons are Beneficial?

Beacons are being used in multiple industries for diversified purposes. Herewith we have covered some below


Beacons are most widely used in locating people indoors and help them to discover a way. Beacons will play the role of Google maps indoors as google maps will help people outdoors. They can locate where you are and with the location information (park, theatres, Malls, etc).

Security Measure

It also can alert people who are on the wrong path(For instance, workers travelling towards dangerous locations) by dispatching notifications about the safety breach. These devices will also adopt geofencing and resemble an additional layer to data security.

Assist in Tracking

While considering industry verticals, beacons are most widely used in the Logistics and manufacturing sectors. Product owners prefer to know the package location at all times and beacons are the key players here. Beacons attached to these delivery trucks or products will help them to track their package in real-time with ease.

Data Gathering

Beacons can provide accurate information and have the competence to point out the customer’s movement geographies within a shop. Also, keep in mind, beacons will not gather data themselves. By utilising beacons and proximity platforms, it is possible to collect customer’s data via the app which can be exploited for marketing campaigns and to boost conversion & revenue.


Furthermore, beacons can reason for various events while connected with a smartphone. It can turn on the lights if a person enters and if you get into a store, a coupon will be sent to your smartphone. These beacons help to reward consumers for their shopping or even for their arrival.

How Beacon Technology Assist Businesses?

Beacon Technology plays a great role in making businesses understand their potential consumers. It opens up various options like out-of-store marketing, data gathering and much more for a business to perform better.

Almost every industry are consuming this technology. Right from transportation to ecommerce, every industry makes use of technology to provide greater results for their customers.

For instance, in ecommerce the ordered product can be tracked using these beacons. Moreover, transportation industries are utilising beacons to track their vehicles. Likewise in every industry, beacons are contributing their role silently.

Industries That Adopted Beacons Broadly

Here is a list of industries where beacon technology is most widely used. Find them below

  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • News & Media
  • Logistics
  • Retail & Shopping

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Hope you have obtained quite good knowledge about beacon technology and its innumerable contribution to various industries. Still, in the future, more and more industries will adopt this superlative technology without a doubt.

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